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Sustainable Supply Chain

The demand for resources i.e. food, feed, fiber, energy and water will increase as the world population continues to grow and climate change impacts continues to become more noticeable.  Sustainable food production methods that do not exhaust the planets limited resources, especially water and energy, will become increasingly challenging.  With assistance from the US EPA, the EcoComplex has conducted research on aspects of the food supply chain that contribute to global climate change. We have worked with many pre-consumer sectors of the food supply chain by holding educational workshops and seminars about how they can adapt new technologies and practices to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Food Supply Chain Members

  • Farms and Fisheries
  • Distributors
  • Food Processors and Beverage Producers
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Retailers (grocery stores, wholesale food clubs, bakeries, butchers, farm markets, fish markets, and online food marketers)
  • Restaurants and Food Service providers
  • Consumers

If you are part of a small to medium size company in the food supply chain sector, please feel free to contact us for assistance on ways your company can become more sustainable.

For More Information

Please contact Serpil Guran 609-499-3600, ext. 4225 or David Specca 609-499-3600, ext 4226.