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Business Incubator

The Rutgers EcoComplex was started in 2001 as one of the first university-based Clean Energy business incubators nationwide! The EcoComplex team is committed to accelerating clean technology innovation as a key driver for sustainable development and to improving economic development in the clean energy sector. The invention-to-innovation pathway can be complex and it is where incubators can serve as important resources to successfully bring innovations to the market place. Services provided by the EcoComplex include:

  • Technology Concept Assessment
  • Technology Testing, Verification and Engineering Support
  • Regulatory and Permitting Guidance
  • State-of-the-Art Lab Space and Scale-up Facility
  • Business Development
  • Technical and Business Training
  • Educational/ Outreach programs
  • Networking/Idea Exchange Meet-ups and Pitch Events
  • Mentoring


EcoIgnite is a Clean Energy Proof of Concept Center and Accelerator Program. It was created by the Rutgers EcoComplex and funded by the US Economic Development Authority. It harnesses a network of new and existing resources to assist clean energy technology companies in successfully maneuvering their innovation from discovery to commercialization. For more information on EcoIgnite please contact Serpil Guran 609-499-3600 ext. 4225.

For More Information

Please contact Lorraine Raider 609-499-3600, ext. 4221 or David Specca 609-499-3600, ext 4226.