Program Areas

Agricultural and Environmental Research Endeavors

The EcoComplex conducts research involving all aspects related to landfill gas recovery and utilization , that is, using methane as an energy source, as well as recovering carbon dioxide for enrichment of the aerial environment in controlled-environment agriculture, or for industrial use. The renewable energy resource may be used for heat production and to generate electricity: from heating homes and businesses to providing power for controlled-environment agriculture. The recovery and utilization of landfill methane and carbon dioxide also mitigates the emission of greenhouse gases to the our atmosphere, and that's good for our environment.

Through monitoring landfill bioactivity; categorizing waste materials; estimating life cycles of and categorizing consumer electronics; investigating how to demanufacture electrical equipment; analyzing methane production; and studying landfill gas cleanup, we are learning more each day about landfill gas as a resource.

New crops for biomass production are being investigated at the EcoComplex as well as intensive, year-round crop production. These efforts work in conjunction with New Jersey's Open Space Preservation Program to ensure the continued viability of agriculture in New Jersey in light of the changing marketplace.

The EcoComplex is also exploring ethanol production in New Jersey as a renewable fuel source for automobiles. Locally grown field corn, plant biomass, and municipal solid wastes are being considered as feedstocks for the ethanol.

New, clean-burning, power-generating equipment such as fuel cells and microturbines (fueled by landfill gas) are demonstrated at the EcoComplex. The environmental and economical benefits of these technologies are available for homes and businesses to see firsthand.

Our statewide environmental center conducts scale-up demonstrations for new environmental processes and showcases New Jersey's cutting-edge environmental research and technologies.

Through environmental technology demonstrations , we verify effectiveness of new technological developments and provide investors and entrepreneurs with value assessments of new technologies. This enhances the performance and commercial viability of new environmental technologies.