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Clean Energy Innovation Center

Clean Energy and Environmental innovations can serve as a springboard for economic development, environmental sustainability and social equity. The EcoComplex is dedicated to moving inventions from the lab to real-world applications as successful innovations in our state's businesses and industries, and to promoting New Jersey as a center for alternative energy and environmental innovations and enterprises.

The EcoComplex, which performs research and develops new technologies to address the pressing alternative energy, environmental, solid waste, and resource-recovery issues faced in New Jersey, is a partnership with the Burlington County Board of Freeholders. The EcoComplex functions as a hub of education and outreach for the entire alternative energy and environmental community.

Because we integrate the best that academia, government, and the private sector have to offer, we are stronger than any one institution can be alone. This pooling of resources and expertise leads to faster, smarter, and sounder solutions to our energy and environmental problems.