Incubator Businesses

The Environmental Incubator is a high-tech research center for start-up businesses, focusing on industries that market and develop environmental cleanup technologies. It also serves as a catalyst for new high-tech environmental businesses by providing research assistance to test viability of new technologies. Part of our vision is to encourage the development of an EcoIndustrial Park in South Jersey through the work being done by our faculty.

We are actively engaged in "Green Business" development, providing advice and assistance to entrepeneurs in the areas of business plan development, progress evaluation and assessment, and timing of private placement. We provide access to laboratories, research personnel, and office space, and offer other means of assistance.

We also attract new businesses to New Jersey by offering services and resources not available anywhere else, and assist existing New Jersey business in implementing and sustaining environmentally sound technologies and business practices.

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Present Tenants: EcoComplex


Ablock Pharmatech


Present Tenants: Greenhouse


Incubator Graduates