EcoComplex Staff

David Specca

Serpil Guran, Director - Rutgers EcoComplex

Dr. Serpil Guran is the Director of the Rutgers EcoComplex.  Her responsibilities include management of the EcoComplex operations, programs, business incubator and facilities, as well as providing vision and leadership in establishing the EcoComplex as a nationally recognized center for the commercialization of environmental and alternative energy technologies. Additionally, Dr. Guran serves as liaison to the regional environmental and alternative energy business communities, government agencies, and related organizations.

Dr. Guran was formerly a Research Scientist at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for 13 years, most recently with the Office Economic Growth and Green Energy.  Prior to that she was a Research Scientist at Princeton University in the Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering Dept. and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO.  Dr. Guran specializes in research, development and assessment of sustainable biofuel and recycling technologies, and life cycle analysis of alternative fuel production systems.  She has authored more than 25 scientific articles and holds a U.S. patent and patent disclosure. Dr. Guran has a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Anadolu University in Turkey and a PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a specialization in Fuel and Energy Technology, from the University of Leeds, UK

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David Specca

Margaret Brennan-Tonetta Ph.D, Administrator-in-Charge, Rutgers EcoComplex

Margaret is the Executive Director for Economic Development and Innovation, Rutgers University and Associate Director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.  She is responsible for the development and implementation of new economic growth initiatives. Margaret also is responsible for administrative oversight for several Rutgers centers, including the Rutgers EcoComplex. She has played a key role in the center?s development, organization, and strategic direction. Her accomplishments in the energy arena include: project director for an assessment of the biomass energy potential for New Jersey, the results of which informed the bioenergy component of the 2011 New Jersey State Energy Master Plan;  led the development of the New Jersey Clean Energy Resource Network; and led the establishment of the New Jersey Clean Energy Innovation Council.  She is an economist with expertise in economic development strategies, energy economics and policy, and industry cluster development.

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David Specca

Kevin Lyons, Associate Director for Business Development - Rutgers EcoComplex

Dr. Lyons will be assisting start-up companies with business plan development, conducting market research, developing supply chain models and identifying resources needed to sustain these businesses in the 'real-world'. His over-arching goal is to aid and assist Ecocomplex clients in moving their R&D process along from a business perspective towards successful graduation from the EcoComplex into their own entrepreneurial business venture (with a focus on staying in NJ).

In addition to his responsibilities at the EcoComplex, Dr. Lyons is also a faculty member at the Rutgers Business School in the Supply Chain Management and Marketing Sciences Department and a Research Professor in Supply Chain Archeology at the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management.  His research includes the integration of sustainable development criteria into global Supply Chain Management systems and operations. He developed the Supply Chain Environmental Archeology research program/lab, which involves the archeological study of environmental impacts via the supply chain as well as product end-of-life research. Dr. Lyons conducts research on developing and integrating global environmental, social, economic, ethical criteria and data into supply chain/procurement systems and processes. He has also researched and written extensively on conducting environmental health-checks on global supply chains and the resulting benefits of reduced risk management impacts and costs. Dr. Lyons earned his Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management and Polic, from the School of Sciences, Centre for Environmental Informatics, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England. Among his many accomplishments was being selected as the recipient of the New Jersey State Governor?s Award for Environmental Leadership and Excellence in 2006.

David Specca

David Specca, Assistant Director for Bioenergy Technologies & Controlled Environment Ag

David Specca has worked for the past 19 years on small and large scale bioenergy projects at the Rutgers EcoComplex. His activities include identifying, demonstrating and promoting appropriate renewable energy technologies. Currently, his projects include working on technologies in landfill gas cleanup and utilization, microturbine co-generation, anaerobic digestion, ethanol production, biodiesel, and pyrolysis. As part of the clean energy and environmental business development activities of the EcoComplex, Dave is a member of the NJ Business Incubator Network, the Rutgers Energy Institute, the Sustainable Energy Work Group, Secretary of the NJ Solid Waste Association of North America, and Past Chair of the Clean Energy Alliance (a nationwide network of clean energy incubator facilities). He was part of the NJAES team that produced the “Assessment of Biomass Energy Potential in NJ” and has written a paper looking at crop based bioenergy in NJ, “Opportunities for Agricultural-based Bioenergy in New Jersey, a case study of switchgrass and field corn”. 

Dave directs the activities of the EcoComplex Greenhouse, a one-acre state-of-the-art hydroponic vegetable facility powered by two landfill gas to energy technologies. He has consulted for many urban agriculture businesses including the Vinegar Factory in Manhattan, Branch Brook Park Greenhouse in Newark, and Greensgrow Farm in Philadelphia. Dave also helps on his family’s pick-your-own vegetable farm in Burlington County, NJ.

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Lorraine Raider, Program Coordinator

Lorraine (Laurie) is your primary point of contact for information about the EcoComplex and it’s many activities.  She can answer all room rental and general information requests.  Her responsibilities include; managing the Conference Center functions, administration of the Business Incubator Program, website updates and design, EcoComplex office administration, purchasing and budget reporting, and tracking of program data and marketing.  When on site, she is your go-to person for any assistance you may need.   

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee, Facilities Maintenance

Building & equipment upkeep, general repairs, and also final set up for scheduled events. Early riser that is here to greet you on the day of your event as early as you may need and available to assist you in getting off to a good start, and will remain available to you through out the day.

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