Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT)


The EcoComplex "Clean Energy Innovation Center" is committed to developing and promoting all forms of clean energy generated from various feedstocks with various conversion technologies. The EcoComplex believes that clean energy technologies should be technically viable, economically and environmentally sustainable, and socially equitable.

Clean Energy is Electricity, Heat, and Transportation Fuel that produces less environmental emissions, including Greenhouse Gases (GHG), than current fossil-fuel based alternatives.  Clean Energy from Waste-based Feedstocks is especially attractive because it also solves other environmental and social problems that are prevalent in our rapidly developing world. 

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The EcoComplex is technology and feedstock neutral in supporting clean energy from waste systems as long as they meet clean energy standards. These technologies should be tested, verified, and scalable. Also, their Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) should result in a smaller carbon footprint than the fossil-based energy form they displace. The research, development and outreach efforts of the Waste‐to‐Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) are in line with the clean energy goals of the EcoComplex and we are privileged to be a member of this important Council.