Research & Demonstration Greenhouse




The EcoComplex Greenhouse is a collaborative effort between Rutgers University and the Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex.

The greenhouse programs facilite the transfer of new technologies and production practices to growers who are producing fresh, locally-grown vegetables and other horticultural crops in controlled environments. Crops can be grown year-round using state of the art greenhouse systems that showcase sustainable production practices at a commercial pilot scale.

The one-acre greenhouse is powered primarily by renewable energy. Ongoing research and demonstration with landfill gas-fired microturbines and boiler provide the electricity and heat needed to operate the greenhouse year-round.

Greenhouse Structure and Equipment include:

  • 46,000 square foot greenhouse production area
  • 10,000 square foot headhouse with work areas, offices, break room, bathrooms, and storage
  • Computerized environmental controls and data logging
  • Landfill gas fired heating system
  • Cogeneration power for electricity and heat
  • Radiant Floor and overhead hot water heating system
  • Screened side vent and exhaust fan ventilation system
  • High pressure fog system for cooling and humidification
  • Moveable energy curtain system
  • Transportable ebb and flood benches that can be moved into the headhouse for crop care and shipping
  • Computer controlled, closed loop irrigiation system
  • High pressure sodium grow lights

Clean and Renewable Energy:

Microturbine Congeneration - Uses landfill gas to produce electricity and heat, therby reducing the operating costs of the greenhouse and utilizing energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Bioenergy Crop Development - The year-round production capability of the greenhouse is important for the rapid development of bioenergy crops. Use of the waste carbon dioxide for crop production is also an option.

Direct Use of Landfill Gas - Utilization of landfill gas directly in the greenhouse boiler to provide the primary heat for the greenhouse and headhouse.

Anaerobic Digester - Designed to convert organic waste into biogas and compost. This small-scale renewable energy technology diverts waste that is destined for landfills and provides on-site renewable energy.

Greenhouse Business Incubator:

The EcoComplex Greenhouse is a hi-tech development center for start-up companies in the controlled environment agriculture and bioenergy industries. Rental space, technical expertise and business development services are available at an affordable price.

The services provided by the Business Incubator Program are designed to commercialize new products and technologies, minimize startup risks and grow idea into strong businesses.

Greenhouse Material and Energy Flow Diagram

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