Producer/Marketer/Consulting: Organic Plant Fertilizer

Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder
609 393 4252; tom@terracycle.net

TerraCycle was founded in 2001 with an entrepreneurial drive to pursue a financially viable market opportunity with an ecological and social conscience. The concept behind the company was inspired by "The Worm Project," an idea conceived by two Princeton University students. What began as a unique approach to waste management quickly gave birth to the creation of a wholly organic end-product that was superior to existing fertilizer products, simply through the natural benefits of vermiculture. And TerraCycle was born. Initially launched as a student venture, TerraCycle continues to be driven by the energy of a young team of entrepreneurs with a passion for social and ecological awareness. At the same time, the company is backed by a seasoned team of executives and advisors with Fortune 500 and global consulting expertise. TerraCycle's diverse, multi-cultural, inter-generational foundation reflects a fresh, open approach to its business - balancing environmental enthusiasm with corporate reality. The company, along with its process of TerraCycling, ties commerce and convenience with the merits of environmentalism - introducing a new concept of "Environmental Capitalism" that enables anyone to make a positive change on the environment, in their community...or simply on their own front lawn.