Novel Catalyst Designer & Chemical Process Developer: A Clean Coal Process that converts slurry of pulverized coal in coal-derived oil, and hydrogen into clean liquid fuels and refinery feedstock using novel catalysts and efficient reactor system. 

Partha S. Ganguli, Ph.D., CEO
732 647 6283;

Energy Catalysis, Inc.has a bench scale catalytic hydro-cracking process that converts coal or biomass/coal into clean liquid fuels and refinery feedstock.  The catalyzed process can achieve conversion efficiencies of about 80% as opposed to typical conversion efficiencies of 60 – 65%. The work at the Rutgers Eco-Complex is being funded under DOE SBIR R&D programs.

A direct coal liquefaction technology and a direct biomass/coal liquefaction
technology have been developed in patent-pending Department of Energy funded
R&D programs. The combination of novel catalysts and reactor system will allow
economic production of clean liquid fuels from coal, biomass/coal and other
low-volatile hydrocarbons at a cost of less than $40 per barrel of synthetic crude
oil. The technology is also applicable to refining heavy petroleum feedstock. The
technology is superior and more cost effective than current commercial processes.

We are currently contacting coal, oil, and utility companies who would license the
technology and advance it through demonstration to commercialization. The ultimate goal is to replace petroleum refineries with coal-based refineries.

Through research and development of internally generated concepts,
Energy Catalysis, Inc develops catalysts and technologies to produce clean fuels
and chemicals. New ideas/concepts generated internally are developed
up to proof-of-concept stage after which Energy Catalysis, Inc. solicits participation
of strategic partners to facilitate scale-up and commercialization.

For R&D and testing services, we have bench-scale and mini-pilot-scale
continuous flow and batch reactor systems that can operate at high temperature
and pressure.

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