Producer/Marketer: Hydroponic Herbs and Specialties, Farm Raised Seafood

Product Development: Hydroponic Production Methods, Fish Culture, Product Packaging

George E. Saridakis, President
856 853 1101;

Since 1994, Seaburst Farms has been engaged in the marketing and distribution of fresh produce, and the production and marketing of farm raised seafood. A supplier to supermarket chains, independent retailers, and food service customers, the Company specializes in New Jersey farm products.

Through a new venture, Olive Creek Farms, located at the Rutgers EcoComplex, the Company has begun production of culinary herbs and specialties grown in an advanced hydroponics system. The methods being employed enable the production of high quality products in an efficient and sustainable manner. The Company plans to draw upon its expertise in fish culture to integrate a recirculating aquaculture system with the hydroponics system. The filtered effluent from fish tanks, a source of plant nutrients, can be used to support plant growth.

The Company currently markets its products in the northeastern United States where they are available in several major retail chains. Shown below: sweet basil.