Process Technology Supplier: Landfill gas clean up and utilization

Bill Brown, President
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Acrion Technologies, Inc., is a technology leader in landfill gas clean up and utilization. Acrion's proprietary "green" CO2 Wash™ Technology removes contaminants from landfill gas, and, in combination with existing gas upgrades processing modules, allows landfill methane to be used as CNG and LNG vehicle fuel, or in place of natural gas in other applications, e.g., medium Btu gas, electricity generation, pipeline quality gas, or methanol synthesis. The technology also enables recovery of liquid carbon dioxide. In partnership with US DOE and Mack Trucks, Inc., Acrion, using Burlington County landfill gas, successfully tested landfill methane as LNG vehicle fuel in commercial refuse trucks at the Rutgers EcoComplex. Acrion works with technology licensees AB Volvo (Gothenburg, Sweden), and FirmGreen, Inc. (Newport Beach, CA) to identify and develop biogas projects based on CO2 Wash™ Technology. Most recent technology implementation is at the Green Energy Center, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, Grove City (Columbus), Ohio, where landfill gas is converted to clean CNG vehicle fuel.