Process Development and Consulting: High-performance low-cost PTC process development

Mark Halpern, President
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Phase Transfer Catalysis applies highly-specialized expertise in Phase-Transfer Catalysis in cost-effective programs to screen and develop high-performance low-cost PTC processes. "PTC Screening" matches the needs of process development programs very well. At the outset of a process development program, several process options, including phase-transfer catalysis, need to be screened to reach a firm conclusion regarding the highest performance process option while minimizing investment of R&D resources. Time is also of the essence. PTC Process Screening determines proof-of-concept by laboratory development by PTC dedicated experts. Once proof-of-concept is established, the customer can [1] take the process in-house for further development or [2] contract with PTC to perform "Process Development" to achieve a high-performance PTC process ready for scale-up. Alternatively, the customer can perform PTC process screening and development in-house, building upon Phase Transfer Catalysis’s highly specialized PTC expertise under a consulting arrangement.