Producer/Marketer: Biomedical and environmental instrumention company

Product Development: Designs, patents and markets instrumentation devices based upon unique micro- and nano-fabrication technologies

Joseph Huang, Founder and CEO
609 945 0443;

MicroDysis, Inc. is an instrumentation company that designs, patents, and markets biomedical and environmental devices and equipment. The company has developed innovative products based upon unique, patented micro- and nano-fabrication platform technologies for assembling carbon nanotubes, making microfluidic devices, and integrating micro systems. A fluidic cuvette with a microfluidic channel in its center and a nanotube sensing area at the detection point, so called nanoCuvette, has been developed for detecting and quantifying biological organisms, biotoxins, and chemicals in water. MicroDysis is testing its applications in heavy metal ion and bacteria detections. This product provides superior detection sensitivity and can be used for real-time detection in point-of-use environmental protection and homeland security.