Process Engineering & Equipment Supplier: Advanced oxygen, nitrogen and landfill gas recovery adsorption technology, equipment & services for renewable energy and related projects

Jim Flaherty, President
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ADSORPTECH, Inc. . has spent the last two years at the EcoComplex formalizing a business model, developing and proving commercial scale application of their new and innovative oxygen plant design called Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA). Recently, the recipient of a $ 55,000 New Jersey Business Incubator Network Pre-seed Grant, the company has completed testing of its VPSA proprietary design. While other companies cool air down to cryogenic temperatures to liquefy and then separate in a distillation column, Adsorptech uses a molecular sieve bed to separate the O2 from N2. The VPSA technology is much less costly with superior scalability than cryogenic temperature oxygen production.

Adsorptech has just completed bench scale testing of a new novel process for capturing methane from low-quality sources such as landfills & wastewater treatment plants while at the EcoComplex. Their modular & highly engineered approach streamlines four separate unit operations into one, thereby achieving lower capital investment, faster project execution, excellent maintainability and high reliability. A program to formalize a business plan plus locate a first commercial-scale demonstration site and funding is just getting under way.