The New Jersey Clean Energy Innovation Council (NJCEIC)

Rutgers EcoComplex NJ Clean Energy Innovation Council (NJCEIC) was launched on 10/17/12 by The Rutgers EcoComplex, in collaboration with NJ state agencies and several universities around the state. The council launch will help New Jersey to achieve and advance New Jersey's sustainable clean energy future. This council combines several bioenergy and biofuels workgroups in the state, including the NJDA Biofuels workgroup, to develop more efficient and focused goals and actions. The NJCEIC will have an expanded mission beyond biofuels to also include all forms of clean energy, energy efficiency and natural gas technologies and business concepts.

The goal of the NJCEIC is to bring together experts from academia, government, and private industry to identify and evaluate those paths, technologies and businesses that will help New Jersey achieve a 'sustainable clean energy future'.

This council will not attempt to 'pick the winners.' Rather, it will strive to take a holistic and objective look at the available options for clean energy production and energy efficiency and foster an environment for successful commercialization. In addition to biomass-to-energy, the Council will also focus on waste-to-energy, natural gas and energy efficiency technologies. The output of this council will be information for policy makers, project developers, entrepreneurs and investors to accelerate the development of a vibrant clean energy industry in the state.

NJCEIC Sub Workgroups