Accelerating Your Clean Tech Business




About EcoIgnite

Clean Energy Proof of Concept Center and Accelerator Program was created by the Rutgers EcoComplex, a Clean Energy Innovation Center and Business Incubator.  Funding for the program is through the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development  Authority which recognized the importance of clean energy business development in the  mid-Atlantic Region and Rutgers’ leadership role in research and business development in this field.

The EcoIgnite program will harness a network of new and existing resources to assist clean energy technology companies in successfully maneuvering the innovation pathway that includes discovery, concept assessment, business model assessment, technology verification, scale-up and commercialization. The ultimate goal is to provide a solid support network for clean energy industry growth and to maximize economic development impacts. EcoIgnite will target renewable energy (sustainable biomass, wind, solar, and waste-based energy) and energy efficiency sectors. The EcoIgnite program is led by the Rutgers EcoComplex, located in Columbus, NJ.  A Clean Energy Proof of Concept Center and Accelerator Program for pre‐commercial demonstration will be developed to provide technical and business solutions, reduce business and technological barriers, and to bridge the gaps between policy makers and researchers, between researchers and end‐users, and between industry and universities. The benefit to the clean energy sector will be a reduction in the obstacles countered for commercialization of new technology, reduction of the cost and time to successful commercialization, and enhanced regional economic development and technology-based job creation.

The goal of EcoIgnite is to improve economic development  in the clean energy sector, providing help to existing companies so they can thrive and creating new start-up companies.   As we strive to achieve our goal, specific objectives we want to accomplish along the way include:

  • Be a model for Proof of Concept centers in the region
  • Hire and train interns through the course of the program
  • Hold events to further the clean energy ecosystem
  • Train workers in the surrounding communities

EcoIgnite will provide the following Value-Added Services:

  • Technology Concept Assessment
  • Technology Testing, Verification and Engineering Support
  • Regulatory and Permitting Guidance
  • State-of-the-Art Lab Space and Scale-up Facility
  • Business Development
  • Technical and other Training
  • Educational programs
  • Networking/Idea Exchange Meet-ups and Pitch Events
  • Mentoring

Importance of Demonstration and Scale-up

  • Clean energy technologies can be more complex than IT and digital technologies. 
  • Permitting and commercialization of products requires lengthy time periods;

New Jersey-specific technologies (i.e. waste to energy technologies) may have unique opportunities:

  • Food waste and organic waste to energy is a low hanging fruit and has a strong market demand;
  • New Anaerobic digestion technologies can provide clean energy, water and jobs.